When composing a new ATIS the controller uses this form. This is the Arrival ATIS template, This screen is accessed by selecting the ARR TEMPLATE button on the ATIS Main Window. The same template layout is used on all workstations. An user can only publish if he has publishing rights. Departure and Arrival are handled independently
Until the user presses the EDIT button the template stays in the Standby mode, and fields are locked, preventing the user from editing. However, if in Standby mode and New Met Data is available it AUTO fills the template and an alarm is raised to signify new data available. To acknowledge the visual alarm, the user presses the New Met Data panel on the Main window.
To enter Edit Mode and prepare a new ATIS, the user selects either the DEPARTURE ATIS template or the ARRIVAL ATIS template, using the buttons at the foot of the Main window. The user presses the EDIT button in the top left corner of the screen of the type the user wishes to EDIT.
Fields which have been updated automatically from theweather data sources are highlighted in a configurable colour. The user may edit all the fields in the template. Any fields that are changed are highlighted. The highlighted characters persist and are displayed on “Main Window” after ATIS message is issued. This is 10 minutes as standard.
To accept the edited items, press the OK button. When the “OK” button is pressed, the free text field (including empty fields) is highlighted to alert the user for checking/editing. An alert box will be popped up to remind the user if “Free Text Fields checked?”