ATIS Servers

The ATIS system uses dual hotstandby HP DL380 G9 servers with a RAID5/10 disk array. This provides an extremely high availability in excess of 0.9999

The HP Proliant is the acknowledged leader in its class in mission critical systems , and is supported by HP all over the world.

Standard system features include replicated databases, dedicated inter server network connection, 1GB ethernet, redundant RS232 server heartbeat crosscheck, LACP redundant network links.

The ATIS Maintenance and Monitor Software runs in the Technical Maintenance Workstatsion.

The main screen is simply arranged to show the status of the whole system.

The system includes a "Fallback " ATIS system, which is only specified at the Tier 1 International airports. For most systems supplied, only the Main/Standby server pair is supplied. Any fallback is usually simpler software supplied with the system which provides business resumption with a reduced basic level of functionality.

All connected data sources are monitored and link failure is shown by a red icon, Healthy connections are shown in green.